Tuesday, September 15, 2009


for me Fall mean photo opportunities and also SONH
so here's some pics from that event to get the bal rolling on this SnapSluts beauty

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hi all,

WOW. Seems like we're all pretty busy considering attendance from the last few challenges. Just a quick report, Paulidin won the "Tight Squeeze" challenge, and we apparently have zero submissions from Standard Deviant's intermin challenge... :( Looks like we're all gearing up for summer vacation!

I propose a couple of options:
- We take a sabbatical to get our creative juices refreshed this summer

- We open up SnapSluts super admin privileges to everyone and have everybody run it (this means everybody also needs to agree upon and have access to the same polling software... we can give you guys the login for the one we currently use too).


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interim Challenge!

Hijack my Heart - Queen

Just walking down the street
one cloudless sunny day
Just minding my business
thinking my thoughts
Nothing much to say
When suddenly I got hit
Imagine my suprise
Your smile came up and zapped me
right between the eyes

Just for kicks - I'm going to pretend I won last week's photo challenge [paulidin - feel free to challenge my challenge, if you want :) ] and I'm going to hijack this post and propose a new challenge for this week!! Lyrics !! Find you favourite lyric and interpret it pho-to-graphi-cally.

Deadline's next Wednesday at the witching hour!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pretty sure my head's gonna fit

I'm bringing puppy back. And a cat, too, this time around. I realize this is not lol[anyanimals], but it just worked out this way.

My first choice is my own Dru, who tries to put her head on my lap no matter how inconvenient the logistics:

Then, I visited with Kelley over the weekend and totally shotblocked her to snap some photos of her cat:

This week, my narrowed-down photoset for this challenge only numbers 14 photos on flickr that you're welcome to check out for funsies.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Challenge # 29 - Tight Squeeze

"My baby says she likes her lovin' done
Early in the morning before the rising sun,
'Cause it's tight like that! (Yes, sir),
'Cause it's tight like that! (Yes, sir),
Mmmm,'cause it's tight like that!"

- Dorsey and Whittaker's It's Tight Like That,
as performed by Zack Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels (1929)

This week's challenge is "Tight Squeeze". The phrase just occurred to me and I could immediately imagine numerous interpretations! Numerous! Let's say the deadline is midnight next Wednesday!

BONUS POINTS: bring to mind an 80's song by the band Squeeze.

PS, remember: the bonus points don't matter.
PPS, "That's what she said!"

The winner of Challenge #28 - Things that go bump in the night is...

...Paulidin! thanks to these spooky shots:

And a special welcome to Sheri who outed herself as a snap slut (*golf clap*) and came very close to stealing the prize this week.

Paulidin, let's see how many snap sluts you can inspire for #29...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Challenge # 28 - Things that go bump in the night VOTE!!

Another Toy Story

As I was leaving the theatre after watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I suddenly caught sight of a toy penguin that had apparently tried to escape from Borders and then had to freeze when people spotted it.

I mean... It's just a theory, but:

And for my second submission, I was going to try to convince my dog to crawl under the bed and take a picture of her... But there was already something under there!:

I was all over the place with my various attempts for this challenge and you can see them on flickr.